…book one of The Origin Trilogy


Earth’s greatest warriors fight to survive in a land where evolution is rapid, enhancing them with bizarre adaptations.

They must evolve or die.


John doesn’t belong here. He didn’t want to fight in the Great War in the first place then he was ripped out of battle and dumped in an alien land filled with soldiers from every era of human history. Haunted by the death of his wife and desperate to get back to his son, John joins the rag-tag group of soldiers, who have been tasked crossing this new land in fourteen days.

Danger lurks everywhere and in the most bizarre forms. Sharks in the trees, subterranean wolves and even John’s body turns against him when his hand melts into his machine gun, leaving him crippled and defenceless. His companions change too: the Maori with his plant abilities; the Celt who can run at incredible speeds; the Arab with his ability to read minds.

Struggling with their new abilities, the army cross a scarred plain littered with ancient battles and populated by surviving alien soldiers. To complete their challenge the humans must win a field battle against a blue-shelled warrior-race, the Brakari, led by their all-powerful leader, Belsang, and the twisted General Panzicosta.

Allies are made and deals done, but time is running out and battle is imminent.

Each warrior must use their enhanced powers, but will John be able to fight and will the humans survive?


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